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Awakening To The Infinite: The Heart of Non-Dual Awareness

March 15 - March 17

Meditation retreat led by Lawrence Edwards, PhD at the Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY.

Awakening to the Infinite is awakening to your true nature, an inexhaustible source of creativity, wisdom, love, and power beyond anything the ordinary mind can even imagine. The power of Consciousness that unfolds the fullness of our highest nature is known as Kundalini in the yogic tradition. It brings us to non-dual awareness, reveling in the ecstatic experience of the ever-present One.

This power of Consciousness is innate; you already possess it. It is often depicted as a great Goddess. We will explore the Divine Feminine as the Great Goddess, a way of knowing our own Self as both creator of the many forms that bind us and as liberator, releasing us from bondage and suffering. It is by Her grace, the grace of your own sublime Self, the Divine within, that lasting freedom is won.

This power of revelation and transformation is known in every spiritual tradition by different names – Holy Spirit, Kundalini Shakti, Chi, and bodhicitta. In this retreat you will be guided through practices that can awaken and unfold your inner power of Consciousness. With that light of Consciousness we will explore the archetypal realms of wisdom, grace, and transcendence. Through meditation, empowered mantra, chanting, breath work, and the profound tales of the Eastern and Western mystical traditions, we will further access the inner source of true knowledge, wisdom, and freedom.

We will explore the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine and archetypal forms of the Great Goddess who takes seekers to the Source, opening the heart to unbounded Love and non-dual awareness. That inner source is your own highest Self, the Divine within, beyond all forms. Awakening to that and living in radical freedom is your birthright. Kundalini, the power of the Infinite to know its Self in all it boundless glory, opens the most profound levels of meditation. There is nothing more potent, nothing more liberating, and nothing more empowering. Kundalini is the power that flows through Shaktipat Diksha, the great awakening to the all-pervasive divine Presence. Through this inner power of illumination we can truly know the deep meaning and purpose of our lives. Awaken to the Infinite illuminating your soul’s journey to radical freedom. Come to rest in the peace that surpasses understanding, the ultimate stillness of resting in the One.

Registration is typically limited to 24 to facilitate learning.  Please register early.

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Garrison Institute
Route 9D at Glenclyffe
Garrison, NY 10524 United States