The Anam Cara Meditation Foundation, founded in 2001, is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to teaching meditative practices from a variety of traditions. The name Anam Cara means “friend of the soul” in an ancient Gaelic. The meaning reflects the intention of the organization to provide a deep level of support to those who are interested in learning and practicing meditation, and for those engaged in the various levels of change and transformation that occur through meditative disciplines.  During COVID we are offering online programs only.

Our Mission

Anam Cara’s mission is to make meditation practices and teachings freely available to all.

People seek meditation instruction for stress reduction, pain management, peak performance training, improving health, relieving depression, losing weight, learning to control the mind, reducing anxiety, improving relationships, facing death, recovering from addiction, developing one’s spirituality, or the pursuit of higher states of consciousness – samadhi and nirvana. And those are just some of the reasons students have shared for beginning to learn meditation! Regardless of why a person chooses to meditate there are invaluable benefits that they will gain over time. All these goals and more can be realized through the committed practice of meditation.