The Way To Peace

Take refuge in your breath,
Let go of the mind and rest
      in the breath.
Like the very dearest of friends,
Your breath has accompanied you
      through all the pains, sorrows
      and joys of your life.

Take refuge in your breath,
With loving attention follow
      its every movement,
Unravel the mystery of where
      the breath finds repose.
Listen with rapt attention
      to your dear friend,
The breath has been speaking to you
      since you were born,
Discover the mantra it whispers
      to you continuously,
Affirming the infinitude of your Being,
HAMSA is the ground on which this
    mad dance of existence pounds on…
Unravel the mystery of where
mantra arises,
            and where it dissolves.
Abide in Stillness –

     the refuge of the breath,
     the source of mantra,
     the womb of all,

     where form and emptiness embrace,
     where Truth alone is revealed,
     where Love dissolves the illusion
             of differences.


Kali’s Bazaar penned by Kalidas, p. 57