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In The Cloud

In the cloud raindrops swirl, In the mind – thoughts. Ha! There is no rainmaker!            Kalidas            Kali’s Bazaar penned by Kalidas, p. 11

The Flames Of Love

Let the flames of Love cleanse you Of all clinging to illusion. Let Love illumine the Truth. Love is the most precious gift. Love is the most sublime path. Love is the most profound meditation. Love is the highest attainment. In Love – the fullness of compassion. In Love – timeless patience. In Love – […]

Tara’s Prayer

Many pains,    one cause, Many clouds,    one sky, Many egos,    one Self, Many struggles,    one release, Many shadows,    one Light, Many bonds,    one freedom, Many cloths,    one weaver, Many ages,    one eternity, Many passions,    one Love, Many sufferers,    one cry for compassion,    patience, and Love. Oh Beloved Tara,    answering the cry,    let us serve ’til […]

The One Beneath The Many

Many panes,    one Light, Many teachers,    one truth, Many rays,    one sun, Many rivers,    one ocean, Many deities,    one Divine, Many flames,    one fire, Many sights,    one seer, Many religions,    one Presence, Many paths,    one summit, Many thoughts,    one Witness, Many forms,    one Emptiness, Many minds,    one Awareness, Many seekers,    One Sought, Many lovers,    one […]

Clean The Mind

When soot blackens the chimney of a lamp, who would waste time yelling at the flame for not shining brightly enough? Patiently clean the impurities           from the glass of your mind, the brilliance and beauty of           your true nature will illumine all around you with the light of Love.         Kalidas         Kali’s Bazaar […]

The Way To Peace

Take refuge in your breath, Let go of the mind and rest       in the breath. Like the very dearest of friends, Your breath has accompanied you       through all the pains, sorrows       and joys of your life.         Take refuge in your breath, With loving attention follow       its every movement, Unravel the mystery of where       the […]

Take Refuge in Silence

All sound arises out of Silence and dissolves into Silence. All thought arises out of Silence       and dissolves into Silence. The universe arises out of Silence      and dissolves into Silence. Suffering arises out of Silence      and dissolves into Silence. The unbounded spaciousness     of Silence, filled with the clear light          of Awareness, dissolves the roots […]